Passo Anchetta – San Pietro – Semorile – Passo Anchetta

Time 3 hours 45, slope 400 mts

Take the road starting in front of the  B&B gate to Anchetta Pass (about 15′). When the road widens, keep left and go ahead P1080654till you reach  a narrow ramp on the right leading to a restaurant and to an open view of the Tigullio Gulf with  Portofino in front.

Look for the signal path indicating “Madonetta – San Pietro” e follow the trail going down hill in the wood till the small country church called La Madonetta (45′) , once a monk hermitage.

From the church follow the sign “San Pietro”  and continue down hill. It is an old stone trail used in since ancient time as the hills were inhabited and cultivated.

After about one hour  the landscape changes from wood to olive trees  and the the sea show up providing a typical Ligurian landscape.

At the crossroads enjoy the beautiful veiw with S. Andrea  village, the Gulf of Sestri Levante on the left and the village of P1080681San Pietro below. Take the direction of San Pietro on the right.

The descent (via Langarola) ends on a paved road (1h 30′), cross the road and take the flight of steps direction “Chiesa San Pietro nearby.

The churchyard is decoreted  with small stones of different colours creating  a typical  polycrome design called “risseu”

Take the pedestrian street on the left . From now on the trail called  5C (5 bell tower) and the red and white sign 5C  will indicated the direction till Semorile

After few steps at the crossroads, keep right without going down hill following via Costa di Casaretto till it ends in a paved road.P1080725 (1024x768)

Take the ramp going up hill on the right  (sign 5C) which becomes “strada vicinale di Cassottana” when the pave road ends in a private property, continue on te narrow trail (look for the red and white sign)  till you reach a group of houses  (via dei Frantoi) till the paved road.

Reach the village of Semorile (2h45′) wherev you will find a sign indicating  the direction “Monte Anchetta”

Following this trail  till you are back to Anchetta Pass (3h 30′) and then back home.

Alternative to get to the seaside.


If you like to get down to the seaside when you reach the curch of San Pietro follow the small asphalt road in front of the church that crosses the village then turns right and starts to go downhill leading you to the main road (via Aurelia); follow it turning right until you get to the stairway that goes down to Zoagli. (here and there you’ll find the “5C” signs).

Once in Zoagli central small square near the beach it’s good to walk the pedestrian paths among the rocks on both sides of the beach.

When it’s time to get back from the square identify via Garibaldi the steps that you find next to the pharmacy, and that, passing near the track takes you on the Via Aurelia.
Here walk a few meters to the right, then cross the road and take Via Castello, a path up through the house, and after crossing the paved road continues mostly flat, first through the campaign and then the woods. Ignore the deviation to the right you meet along the path and mantene always left to pass under the motorway bridge and continue along Via de Mulini .

The trail goes along the stream Semorile then begins to rise. Locate near a privat home a curious exhibition of original “sculptures”

After 1 hour you get to Semorile and so you’re back to the previous itinerary.