• New season: Spring Promo

    L’Albero delle Farfalle Bed & Breakfast  new season starts March 28th. All you need to forget last long winter: seaside strolls in the warmth of spring, deep blue horizons, no worries sleeps in our quiet village. Reserved to you and your friends you’d like to forward the message to the..,[…]

  • Greetings!

    Christmas Greetings to our friends from inside the Crib (where sometimes we feel we are…) We hope that our forthcoming proposals will help to make your 2014 enjoyable

  • Where to go hunting for mushrooms (we were told…)

    A friend asked: is your land good for mushrooms? Panic: I don’t know! Made some investigation and here’s the answer: gosh, yes! Second question is where? Answers become vague and reluctant and we don’ t have personal experience. This post is the outcome of some cross check and fatally generic:..,[…]

  • Where do we go for a swim?

    Not only  expensive and crowded bath houses, but also many nice beaches to  enjoy a pleasant swim. If your favorite solution is a comfortable bath house, our suggestion is “Il Lido delle Sirene”, ( Cavi di Lavagna) where you can find a large beach, peaceful atmosphere, at a very short..,[…]