There are so many good reasons to visit Liguria

In addition to the beauty of the landscape and of the natural environment, Liguria is offering all kind of recreational activities all the year long.

The official web site of the area, provides info in English about the main events of the area.

Some of them are listed as examples:

In Chiavari there is the  antiques market in the city center every second week end of the month, the “food and flavor” market every fourth week end of the month. Itinerant gastronomic evenings in the city center from June to August.

In Lavagna the week of medieval pageants in August.

In Sestri Levante street theater during the Andersen Festival end of May – beginning of June, and the week of extra – virgin olive oil  tasting is in  November.

In Leivi the extra- virgin olive oil festival with gastronomic events and oil tasting in August.

In Varese Ligure the open air Opera Season in the historical center “Borgo rotondo”.

From June to September there is a wide choice of events and country fairs with food and music.

The recreational area of the old Genoa Harbor and  the nearby Palazzo Ducale host during the year all kind of events and exhibitions.

Other international events at the fair area in Genoa are Euroflora, Slow fish and the Boat Show.

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